I feel whole when I am writing, especially when it’s past midnight and I know that I should have gone to bed hours before, but I can’t resist the pull of of a blank page. There is nothing in all the world like a quiet room and words that demand your undivided attention.

When I can’t write, I console myself by indulging in my wanderlust, or wine, or whiskey, or well-written novels (or even not so well-written novels), week-long Netflix binges, watching my hot mess cats do hot mess things, weightlifting, and wondering what plot twist comes next.

I also generally adore the ridiculous. I mean, a jellyfish can pretty much live forever as long as it doesn’t bump into anything or wash ashore. That is the silliest immortality clause I’ve ever heard.

I’m Lauren, and I hope if nothing else I inspire you to appreciate the more nonsensical things in life – like the fact that I have a B.A. in English and have never had a job utilizing that degree. (Also, my middle name is Duley, hence the title of this blog. Get it?)


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