Oh hey there world!

I recently finished my seventh round of revisions for my manuscript that I started back in January. It’s been exhausting, wonderful, and overwhelming all at the same time. I’d been cramming every spare moment with writing, with very little left over for anything else. When I completed this last round of edits, I took a breath and gave myself a little time to catch up on everything I’d been neglecting.

I finished the book I was reading, The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff, which I thought was beautifully written. I spent some time at the gym and more time trying out some new recipes, which was delightfully selfish because the ingredients were things like sweet potatoes and goat cheese which my husband hates. I went to bed before midnight, and I redid a painting that had been bothering me. I spent some much needed time with family and friends. I finally finished the last season of The Office (the American one, I just adore the dynamic between Jim and Dwight). And I started marathoning Dawson’s Creek, because sometimes I really miss the nineties and that show is just everything nineties. I basically took time for me.

But now it’s been a couple weeks and I think that the break is over. The next phase is to reread the whole manuscript in a short span of time to check for any last minute problems. And then I’m going to go over my query letters and lists one more time, and then I’m SENDING IT OUT INTO THE WORLD.

This is terrifying and so exciting. Even when the inevitable rejection letters come, it’s out there. And anything can happen at that point. So this brief hiatus in my writing schedule is coming to a close, but I just needed to spend a few days in the world again before I go back into introverted writer mode. But first I’m going to watch at least one more episode of Dawson’s Creek.


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