Harnessing your muse when she’s drunk on Spring Break

I’ve read a lot of articles by writers about working when your muse decides seems to take a vacation; forcing yourself to write when you aren’t even feeling inspired. The general take from what I’ve read is: work even when you don’t feel motivated, and eventually the inspiration will come. For the most part, I’ve found this to be true. When I start writing or editing when I’m not in the mood, I can quickly get absorbed in the material, and catch myself getting excited about how to make it better, or what direction to take the story next.

However, my muse is not on vacation right now. My muse has taken six shots of espresso and has made fourteen Pinterest boards about DIY dreamcatchers, nail art, and organization ideas. My muse is brainstorming four different story ideas, planning out a sequel to the manuscript I’m currently working on, and the ending to a different story I have half written. My muse is visualizing six different paintings I want to work on all at once, as well as how I can revamp a canvas I’ve been bored with for a while. My muse is trying to figure out how to make a regular binder look like a fairy tale book to hold cooking recipes, and what crafts I should start on for Halloween.

My muse is basically on spring break, and there’s no parents in sight. I made a deadline that I mostly stuck to (okay, I’m closing in on it), but my muse does not give a shit. My muse is that drunk girl at the bar who has had like six too many coconut flavored drinks and is just making plans with everyone she sees, not realizing she won’t be able to follow through. So while my muse and I were on the same page at the beginning of the month, about focusing and completing this round of revisions, now I’m dreading consequences of the inspiration hangover.

So I’m basically the sober friend that is trying to appease the tantrum throwing drunk girl my muse has become. I got through a chapter today, but my muse is demanding that I start painting something after she already insisted I file my nails into a stiletto shape. I’m hoping to get through more tomorrow, but that depends on how many creativity laced martinis my muse has tonight.


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