Resolutions aka getting your shit together

I’ve had to take the last few weeks off from writing because of the holiday madness. My birthday is six days before Christmas, and then it seems like an endless stream of holiday parties and family gatherings that last up until New Years. And my husband surprised me with four days in Disneyland right after Christmas, which was magical and insane because his favorite ride is Splash Mountain which is a simply a delight in 40 degree weather.

But this time off from writing has made me restless. After binging on Magic Kingdom churros, I’m ready to get back to the pages and finish this latest round of revisions and edits. I’ve had the same New Years Resolution for the past three years, and I really would like to finally complete it this year: submit a manuscript. I’ve got a query letter drafted, different lengths of synopsis saved; all I am waiting on is to finish revising what I feel is a pretty polished story overall. And while it is the beginning of a brand new year, I don’t want to wait all year to accomplish my goals.

Writing is my number one resolution this year, but I’m setting other goals too. 29 is the year I want to get my shit together. I want to spend less and save more, I want to get super fit – I’m kinda fit now but I want the washboard abs, I want to run a 5K without stopping (although the last time I ran one and stopped it was to play in the bubbles), I want to perfect a new recipe every month, and I want to read twelve books this year (like paper books – I audiobook a lot at work but sitting down and reading is something I need to make more time for). I also want to paint more, it’s taken a back burner the more that I’ve worked on writing and I miss it so much.

And lastly I want to travel, which is a big part of the spending less. I got to travel so much in 2015, but my next travel dream is to take my husband to London because he’s never been before and I think it’s one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Mostly, I’m over not having it together. I feel like for so long I’ve said I’m in my twenties, I’ll figure it out at some point. But this is my last year of this irresponsible decade in my life, and I don’t want to wait another year to try and make my dreams come true. So 2016 is the year of getting my shit together, because I’m ready to move forward and stop waiting for “some point” or “someday” to happen.


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